Two Guys Garage Podcast

Expert gearheads and longtime co-hosts Kevin Byrd and Willie B bring their hallmark brand of automotive knowledge and passion from the TV screen to the podcasting world.

Two Guys Garage hosts Kevin Byrd and Willie B are sharing their passion about all things automotive. Taking full advantage of the podcast format, the guys tackle a wide range of topics and conduct fact-and-fun-filled interviews with friends and leaders in the car space – all in the same freewheeling, just havin’-fun manner fans of the long-running MotorTrend TV series have been enjoying for years.

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Season 4 

224. Springing into Summer ’23

224. Springing into Summer ’23

With winter in the rearview mirror, Kevin and Willie welcome spring and the reawakening of their own automotive dreams. “We’re cars all day long, every waking moment, we’ve got our shows, we’ve got our day jobs,” notes Kevin, “but it’s always about finding our time and what we want to do for ourselves.” Willie’s got his sights set on reviving several projects, including his “Anti-Bandit” Trans-Am, 1980 Blazer, and purple 1970 Charger 500 (1 of 9 Chargers!). Meanwhile, Kevin’s jazzed about his ’65 Mustang Fastback, projected to take him 5 years to complete. “I wanna dive into somewhere I’m not sure I can swim and keep my head above water,” he says about the A-Z build. “I’m gonna see if I can drown and somehow get out of it!”

223. EFI Simplified

223. EFI Simplified

Season 22 of the Two Guys Garage TV show kicks off with Kevin and Willie executing an LS swap on a ‘94 Chevy Old Body Style pickup, complete with EFI from FiTech. VP Mike Wahl joins the guys for a deep dive on how surprisingly simple it is to upgrade to fuel injection, which for a long time was considered hugely intimidating. “We definitely pride ourselves on trying to make the simplicity side of the user end as easy as possible,” notes Mike, as well as affordable. And with 500 new parts numbers unveiled on April 1, that’s no joke!

222. Bolt-on Suspension Upgrades

222. Bolt-on Suspension Upgrades

A successful suspension upgrade does not have to break the bank and can be done on just about any ride over the course of a weekend. As Kevin points out, “Sometimes you just need to upgrade a couple of key components, add some stiffness, and wow, the fun factor goes flying!” Kyle Briese of BMR Suspension couldn’t agree more. “You can literally transform a car by just adding a couple simple bolt-on parts,” he tells the guys. “You can take it from boring to being way more exciting to drive just by simple stuff, and you can do it with just a handful of parts.” Stick around and find out how.

221.  Splitting Seconds

221. Splitting Seconds

By his own admission, the way Terry Fair does things is probably not the way your typical racer would. The owner of Vorshlag Motorsports “needs a car that handles pretty badly, cause the worse it is from the factory, the more we can improve upon it.” Terry’s unorthodox methodology has driven some remarkable results, netting track time improvements from milliseconds to multiple seconds. As he explains to Kevin and Willie, “Most cars are pretty terrible, and that’s great for the aftermarket, it gives us a lot of things to fix.”

220.  Saving the World, One Diesel Truck at a Time

220. Saving the World, One Diesel Truck at a Time

Clint Cannon of ATS Diesel is on a mission to save the world, one diesel truck at a time. Rather than consigning older trucks to the scrap heap, he’s an outspoken proponent of retrofitting them with newer, more efficient parts and pieces to keep them on the road and running better than ever. “He makes everything bulletproof,” says Willie. “He’s one of those guys where, if it’s Clint tested and approved, you know you’re getting a good product.”

219.  The Winning Guy

219. The Winning Guy

Dave Visner’s life took a hard right turn when he altered his career path from pre-med to engine building, and in the process forever changed both his life and the future of racing. As Kevin says while introducing Dave in this episode, “When you want to win, you call this guy,” especially when it comes to the advantages of billet versus casting. As Dave tells the guys, “The more we learn, we realize how little we used to know.”