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ARP Engine Build Episodes

Two Guys Garage and ARP are collaborating on a massive 13-episode engine build. Beginning with a bare block from DART, Kevin and Willie are on a quest to harness 700 HP from a naturally aspirated LS Engine.

1. Introduction

Willie B introduces the Dart LS NEXT SHP engine block that will be the basis for the 13-episode ARP Engine Build.

2. Crankshaft

The guys mock up the crankshaft installation to keep the project moving forward, including ARP studs, steel crankshaft from Howards, and King Racing Performance bearings.

3. Rods and Pistons

The high horsepower project moves forward as Willie and Kevin continue mock up with JE Pistons, racing components from Howards and ARP fasteners.

4. Camshaft and Lifters

Mock up mode is coming along. Willie walks through file fitting rings in a few easy steps. Kevin gets technical about ring gaps and introduces the Crower Roller Camshaft.

5. Cylinder Heads

The guys outfit the engine with an AFR Mongoose LS3 head and discuss best practices for torquing and checking push rod lengths. 

6. Piston to Valve Clearance

Willie and Kevin check piston to valve clearance in anticipation of starting the final assembly. 

7. Valve Train

Willie and Kevin install a Jesel belt drive for on-the-fly cam timing adjustments; insert the correct length push rods; and cap it all off with a shaft rocker arm system.

8. Intake and Throttle Body

The guys shift their focus to airflow, installing a Top Street Performance High Rise intake and capping it with a 102mm throttle body.

9. Fuel System

Addressing the fuel system, Willie and Kevin install Top Street Performance fuel rails and a set of injectors from Fuel Injector Connection.

10. Dry Sump Oiling System

Willie and Kevin install and explain the benefits of an AVIAID dry sump oil system and finish the install with an ATI balancer.

11. Sensors and Wiring Harness

The guys tend to the electrical systems of the motor by installing SMP sensors and a custom wiring harness, so everything can talk to the computer.

12. Finishing Touches

It’s finally time for all the hard work to pay off, but first there are some final touches to be made. Once everything’s in place, the guys start the engine for the first time!

13. On the Dyno

The day everyone’s been waiting for is here, and it’s time to see what kind of power this engine will put out. At the engine dyno, Willie and Kevin make final adjustments and finally get to hear what the engine sounds like at 7000 RPMs.

Catch Up On Season 17

2014 C7 Corvette Power

We’ve got a bright yellow C7 in the shop today and Kevin and Willie are installing new specialized long tube headers, exhaust and other extras to make this already robust platform even more powerful.

Mopar Day

The guys help a 2009 Challenger owner add a little more get up and go to her car. Willie also sets up a trade deal with a ’70 Cuda owner to help get his car a little closer to restoration time.

2007 Chevy Impala Maintenance

With a toddler on the way, Kevin and Willie help get their friend’s police edition Chevy Impala family ready by tackling various maintenance issues and doing an upgrade or two.

2013 Jeep Wrangler JK Steering

The guys tackle a steering issue in this supped up Jeep by replacing the worn-out power steering gear and installing a new power steering cooler. They toss in a few extras for the owner as well.

Federated Project Truck

The guys have Federated’s 1990 454SS Project Truck in house and they’re doing a ton of work to it. From brakes and shocks to chassis work, this truck needs some love.

Super Duty Hauler

The guys help this 2017 Ford Super Duty with a 5th wheel, see its loads better by adding a second rear camera. They also give it a little more get up and go with a performance tune.

Two BMWs

Kevin and Willie have two BMWs in the shop today, an M3 and a 528i. One is the weekend driver in need of a little more power, and the other is the family car that needs some maintenance after throwing a few codes.

WeatherTech Racing – 24 Hours of Daytona

It’s race time! Kevin and Willie venture to Daytona Beach, Florida where they give you an inside look at the WeatherTech Ferrari Race Team as they tackle the 24 Hours of Daytona

Wrangler Ready

The guys take a Jeep from meh, to mean – when they install a new long arm suspension kit to get this Jeep Wrangler Unlimited ready for the trails.

Beat up Blazer

Willie and Kevin freshen up a rough looking Chevy Blazer with paint and a new front fascia. They also fix a starting issue and get it running right again.

Righteous Rear End

This 2010 Camaro will soon be churning out close to 1000 Horsepower, so Kevin and Willie get it ready to handle that power by installing a new Ford 9 inch, new rear axle shafts, and a new drive shaft.

Dang’ Mustang

The guys install a stiffer suspension on this Mustang to help get it ready for power adders and they toss on a new exhaust to sweeten its sound.


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