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Season 22 Episodes Premiering on MotorTrendTV and Streaming on MotorTrend+

Monte Chassis

This Monte Carlo SS was rolled into the shop, literally. The rolling chassis is incomplete, and the body needs work, but the owner wants the guys to focus on the underside first. They’ll mockup a new engine and transmission along with new EFI and build a Ford 9-inch to get the suspension complete. They’ll then tackle the brake set up to get this chassis closer to being finished.

Old Trusty Duramax

These old Duramax diesels get a bad rap for being hard to work on and expensive to repair, and many folks don’t like the flimsy steering on the IFS truck. However, with the right replacement parts, improved steering, turbo, and a little TLC, these babies can go the distance. And that’s exactly what Willie and Kevin are gonna provide to get this truck back in shape and running better than it has in years.

Broke Down Commuter

This KIA Spectra broke down a couple of years ago and the owner simply hasn’t had the time or money to try to fix it… until today. Kevin and Willie will diagnose what’s wrong with the car and set about tackling those problems so they can get this great little commuter back out on the road!

Modern Suspension

The owners of this 2017 Camaro love to drive it hard on weekend road trips, leaving it in need of some upgrades to help it cornering and gripping the back roads they love so much. So today, the guys set about transforming the car’s suspension to fully unleash its cornering power!

Almost Classic

Marketed as a two-door, two-passenger luxury car since 1953, the Chevy Corvette is a true American icon, and the one the guys have in the shop has been lying dormant for years. They’ll show how to DIY a fresh new look to its brake calipers and add a new exhaust to get it sounding like a real Vette again. They’ll fix cracked and broken plastic pieces on the car saving the owner money and finish up with some paint correction that’ll bring the original paint screaming back to life!

Two Rigs

The Jeep Gladiator has a new competitor in town, the Ford Bronco. Both have their own pros and cons and the guys will discuss one of the major differences, their suspensions. With the Gladiator, they’ll install an important upgrade for the bed before moving on to the Bronco and tackling some modifications that will get it ready for just about anything!

Chevy OBS

OBS (Old Body Style) Trucks are becoming more and more popular, and today the guys are fortunate to have one in the shop. They’re going to swap in an LS engine, pick a system to control timing and fuel, and fix up a few accessories to make it look and run great again!

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