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Season 16

Fun with a Gen 1 – Part 1

Kevin and Willie have a Gen 1 Camaro in the shop and their work is cut out for them! They’re installing a new sub frame, rack and pinion, brakes, gauges … and that’s just half of the work!

Cobra Replica Kit Car Build

Kevin and Willie are working on a build again, but this time it’s no work truck! They’re diving in head first on a 550 Horsepower Cobra Replica Kit Car!

Tuned up Stang’

The guys have a 6 Speed 2015 Mustang GT in the shop and they’re adding some power by installing a cold air intake, an exhaust package, a tune, and a … thermostat?

Can’t Stop This Mini

The guys take a 2004 Mini Cooper S and add some horsepower, some stopping power and fix a worn-out suspension to improve handling. But can they both fit inside it for a test drive?…

WeatherTech Bound

Kevin goes deep inside the WeatherTech manufacturing plant in Bolingbrook, Illinois for an inside look at how their products are proudly made in America.

Get it Runnin’

Kevin and Willie have a problematic Trailblazer in the shop today. They tackle multiple issues and get it up and runnin’ again. The guys also kick start a performance build project on a Gen5 Camaro!

Moab Ready

If you’re headed for the formidable Moab Desert, your Jeep had better be ready for anything. Willie and Kevin are outfitting a Wrangler TJ and a Cherokee XJ to handle the harsh environment of the desert.

Double Truck Trouble

A friend of Kevin and Willie has not one, but two work trucks that need improvements for hauling heavy loads. Can the guys handle this double-order and finish both trucks in time for the owner to get them back on the job?

Pretty Fly for a GTI

Kevin and Willie have an Autobahn edition 2013 MK6 VW GTI in the shop for performance upgrades. With a new turbo kit, exhaust, and a few other improvements, the guys plan to boost this car’s status from “daily driver” to “head-turner.”

Dropping That C-10

When the guys get their hands on a clean 1986 square-body C-10, they give it a facelift…and a suspension drop. With its brand new look and stance, Willie and Kevin can’t wait to reveal the truck to its owner.

Impala Imposter

Willie stumbles across a beautiful 1966 Impala, but its beauty is only skin-deep. Under the hood are rusty headers, a grimy engine block, and a host of other needed repairs.

Chevelle Re-Awakening

The guys have a sweet 1970 Chevelle in the shop with a worn-out interior and a problematic cowl induction system seal.


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