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Season 14

SEMA Special 2015

Kevin Byrd, Willie B, and Genevieve Chappell check out the latest products and innovations in the automotive aftermarket at the 2015 Sema Show.

Race Ya!

When Kevin brings a punch-packing Dodge Charger into the garage, Willie gets an idea for a fast project of his own.

Duramax Diesel

Wille B. and Kevin bring in a big truck with a big number on the odometer, in hopes they can keep it running for many more miles.

Wrap This Up

Kevin and Willie are on a mission to finally finish two ongoing projects that have been taking up space in the garage.

Upgrade a Classic

Kevin and Willie give a classic C-10 pickup a few improvements. Meanwhile, work continues on an ongoing 2015 truck project.

Adventure Mobile

The team at asks for help from Kevin and Willie B. to outfit the ultimate road trip truck and raise awareness for a worthy cause.

G-Body Engine Swap

Willie B and Kevin bring an old 442 into the shop in hopes of bringing it back to life, starting with a new engine and transmission.

Mustang Power

Kevin and Willie take a factory-supercharged Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 to the dyno and put its full horsepower potential to the test by adding a water-methanol injection system.

Moab Jeep

Willie and Kevin like going off-road as much as road racing… so they are helping out a local owner make his Jeep more off-road worthy.

120,000 Mile Maintenance

Have you ever wondered if you could fix your ride? Willie and Kevin will go over the most popular DIY repairs, you can do in your driveway/garage with some simple tools. This is a great way to save some serious money…

Ecoboost Unleashed

Kevin and Willie B. tap into the pent-up power of a Ford F-150 EcoBoost by adding a new water-methanol injection system, intake, and exhaust before strapping it to the dyno.

Pratt & Miller

Kevin heads to the world-renowned Pratt & Miller Engineering Headquarters for a closer look at the company’s upcoming projects and legendary past.

How to Buy a Classic Car

Willie B. and Kevin use their years of expertise to decide if a 1955 Nomad will be the next addition to Willie’s Collection. Along the way, they’ll reveal what to look for when you’re in the market for a classic car.


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