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Season 15

Vintage M37 Engine Swap

When Willie and Kevin find a 1953 M37 sitting in a friend’s garage next to a Cummins 4BT and all the parts needed for an engine swap, they volunteer to provide the labor.

Make Some Noise

With a powerful Dodge Challenger in the shop for maintenance and performance upgrades, Kevin and Willie can’t resist adding on a new exhaust for the owner as well.

Sweepstakes Jeep

Federated Auto Parts send Willie B. and Kevin a Jeep Wrangler to outfit with a new Dana 44 and a few other upgrades for a lucky winner.

A Pair of Pickups

Kevin and Willie build a new bed for an ongoing 1973 truck project before solving some issues with the hub assembly on a hefty F-350.

Tipsy Track Car

When a 1969 Camaro with bad body roll is delivered to the shop, Kevin and Willie tackle the suspension to help it perform better on the track.

EcoBoost Mustang

Willie B. and Kevin go under the hood of the new Mustang EcoBoost 4-cylinder to add some performance upgrades. Meanwhile, progress on an old pickup project continues with rust repair and new body panels.

A Tale of Two Trucks

Kevin and Willie diagnose a noise issue on a high-mileage F-150. Meanwhile, a battered old pickup shows up in the garage in need of serious repairs.

Meaner Mustang

Nice cars finish last. Willie B and Kevin turn a mellow 2002 Mustang GT into a mean, lean, power machine with a few performance upgrades.

Duramax Diesel

A good diesel truck is indispensible on the jobsite, but Duramax diesels are known to have a few common problems. Kevin and Willie B show us what they are and how to fix them to keep your fleet complete.

Chevelle Part 2: New Interior

Everyone knows that with a classic beauty, it’s really what’s on the inside that counts. Willie B and Kevin finish up a 1970 Chevelle project with some much-needed attention to the interior.

On-and-Offroad Jeep

Kevin and Willie beef up the suspension on a 2014 Jeep JK to transform it from a daily driver into a weekend offroading vehicle.

Daytona Turkey Run

Willie B spends a weekend at one of the biggest car events of the year, where a special project is being built right in the middle of all the madness.



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