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Season 08

Under the Knife

Bryan finally gets to fulfill his dream of chopping the top on his 33.

Challenging Exhaust

Kevin and Bryan install a new exhaust kit on a new Challenger and then start work on Bryans 33 getting it ready for a chop.

Sam’s New Cummins

Sam Memmolo is back to match wits with Kevin about the new 6.7 diesel Cummins.

The Fueller

Bryan rips apart a brand new Buelle to give it the Fuller touch.

Killer Fuel Injection

The 61 Impala is back in the garage for a killer fuel injection and some body work.

Factory Five Tour

Ride along with Kevin Byrd as he takes a pilgrimage to Plymouth with some of his Factory Five friends.

Transmission Components

Bryan and Kevin marry an engine transmission and work on patch panels for the Nova project.

Maintenance Show

Bryan and Kevin put a stop to the shakes on a 2006 Nissan. Also find out what happened when a graffiti artist put his mark on our garage.

No Smoking

Bryan tightens the bumper on a 1969 Chevy Van and Kevin lights a fire with the wrong gauge wire.

Nova Project

Bryan does some welding on a 66 Nova while Kevin takes a trip to the dyno to dial in the new EFI system for the small block engine.

Carb Re-Build

Kevin and Bryan continue re-building our 67 Camaro by rebuilding the quadra-jet carburetor.

Roadster Frame

Byrd and Fuller show you how to build a 30’s Roadster frame from scratch.

Café Racer

Fuller introduces his ’77 CB550 motorcycle project. Byrd handles the electronics as Fuller custom builds the exhaust.

Monster Muscle

Any muscle car could use more juice off-the-line, So Bryan and Byrd add an Overdrive transmission to a 1972 Chevelle.

Super Wiring

Find out what goes in to the electrical wiring on a new age Super Car. Not as much as you might think.

Paint Shop Lab

Sam goes inside the Paint Lab with Dupli-Color to find out what it takes to create a new kind of paint from start to finish.

Surf City Garage

Fuller dreams of a life in Surf City, California and finds a garage of Dream Cars along the way.


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