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Marine Dream Corvette on Two Guys Garage

Marine Gunnery Sergeant John Hayes suffered life-threatening injuries in Afghanistan on December 28, 2010.  An Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician, GySgt Hayes was on a routine mission, when he stepped on a buried IED (improvised explosive device) resulting in the traumatic amputations of both of his legs and half his pelvis.

GySgt Hayes has endured over sixty surgeries, and continues to be treated at the newly renamed Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.

A Jacksonville, FL native, John has a wife and 3 young daughters who are a great source of motivation for him. He is driving again with the use of hand-controls and has taken up hand-cycling.  He will soon retire from the military and return to Florida.

Just eighteen months later, while still recovering from his injuries, John has completed several races, including the Marine Corps Marathon, a Disney Half Marathon and the Boston Marathon on his hand bike.  He is learning to ski and is determined to live a full and active life.

John loves working on cars and his pride and joy is a 2009 Corvette. Two Guys Garage will begin production next week on a very special episode honoring him. John will work side by side with hosts Kevin Byrd and Willie B as they transform his Corvette into a dream machine.

AIR DATES for the Marine Dream Corvette Shows
(More air dates in October 2012)

Marine Dream Corvette Part 1
SAT 8/25/12 @ 10:30am (Eastern)
SUN 8/26/12 @ 9:00am
SUN 8/26/12 @ 10:00pm
WED 8/29/12 @ 4:30pm

Marine Dream Corvette Part 2
SAT 9/1/12 @ 10:30am (Eastern)
SUN 9/2/12 @ 1:00pm
WED 9/5/12 @ 4:30pm


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