Season 13

SEMA Special 2014

Kevin Byrd, Willie B, and Genevieve Chappell check out the latest products and innovations in the automotive aftermarket at the 2014 SEMA/AAPEX Show.

Let’s Roll

The guys learn what it takes to finish King of the Hammers with the ESAB sponsored Ultra Four race truck in the shop.

Cooling Maintenance

A 2000 Silverado comes in to the shop with a recurring cooling problem. The guys put their detective hats on and find the root of the problem.

Body Panel Replacement

The guys do their best to help a friend out with some body damage on a 1950 5-window pickup truck. Will it become too much to handle?

Supercharged Jeep

Jeeps are notoriously underpowered, but it’s nothing a supercharger can’t fix.

Project C5: Part 3

The suspension gets completely reworked on the C5 Corvette. Then the guys finish up the engine, getting it ready for re-install.

LS1 Engine Build

Our C5 project continues with a build up of the lower end of the LS1 engine.

Mustang Clutch

The guys swap out a damaged clutch on a 2012 Mustang and go for performance with a lightweight twin plate clutch.

Project C5:  Part 1

Kevin and Willie take the engine out of a C5 Corvette, tear it down, and get it ready for a performance rebuild.

Rotor Runout

The guys tackle an issue with runout on a good set of rotors with the use of an on-car lathe.

Then and Now

When a 1949 Chevy pick-up shows up at the shop, Kevin and Willie take a look at how far technology has come.

You Like My Cuda?

Willie shows off the new engine in his ‘67 Barracuda and gets Kevin to help upgrade his wiring and brakes.