Season 11

Arctic Cat

Kevin and Willie B. put some personal touches on a Wildcat UTV.

Twin Turbo Tuning

Willie and Kevin pull out all of the power on a modified C6 vette.

Time for a Change

Willie and Kevin go through the steps it takes to make sure a car you are sending off with your child to college is reliable for years to come.

Grudge Runs

Willie takes a trip to ATS and Lincoln Tech after a diesel truck goes mid 10’s in a grudge run to see how they can put out so much power.

Marine Corp Vette Part 2

Marine veteran John Hayes get the ride of a lifetime in his new C-6 Turbo-charged vette. Multiple automotive aftermarket manufacturers teamed up with Two Guys Garage to transform his 2009 Corvette into a Marine Dream Corvette.

Marine Corp Vette Part 1

Willie and Kevin had some BIG surprises for an American Hero – starting with a new twin turbo system!

Body Fab

Kevin gives us a great lesson on body fab while fixing a rolled area of a fender.

Crank It Over

The guys bring new life to a Model A by getting the electric starter back into working order with a new ring gear.