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Season 09

Boating Maintenance

Kevin services a tournament series high performance boat while Bryan welds up a new casting platform.

Cool Tools

Kevin and Bryan show some cool tools and shop tips while working on Kevin’s Hot Rod BMW.

Inside the Cat

Kevin travels to Indiana to solve the mysteries of the catalytic converter.


Kevin and Bryan continue the work on Kevin’s LSM3 project.

Cold Air, Hot Rod

We tackle an A/C cooling problem on a Toyota Tacoma and introduce you to Kevin’s Hot Rod BMW.

Operation Comfort

Fuller takes a trip to San Antonio, Texas to teach welding tips to our country’s wounded soldiers at Operation Comfort.

Turbo Technology

We look at the technology behind turbochargers and intercoolers as we install some upgrades on a F250 Superduty.

Café Racer Gets Jets

Fuller and Byrd bring back the Café Racer Honda bike and show you how to open up the jets in the carburetor for better performance

2011 Mustang

Kevin takes us through variable cam timing in the new Ford 5.0L engine.

FEAD System

Kevin and Bryan tear up a motor to see the importance of the serpentine belt.


Kevin visits Magnaflow to see what it takes to get that perfect sounding exhaust.


Kevin installs a new wiring harness while Bryan welds up a new exhaust for our Nova.

Custom Camaro

How do you a make a 2010 SS throw back Camaro look even better. Drop it off with Kevin and Bryan and see what happens.

Welding Tips

Learn some Mig and Tig welding tips as the guys finish the roll cage and do some patch panels on the Fuller Hot Rod Project.



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