Full Episodes

Body Fab

Kevin gives us a great lesson on body fab while fixing a rolled area of a fender.

Crank It Over

The guys bring new life to a Model A by getting the electric starter back into working order with a new ring gear.

G-Oil Racing

Kevin takes us to a race shop where he sees what goes into a high performance NASCAR team.

Rear Ends

The guys take us through the Dana and Ford rear ends, showing which would be right for your application.

Cool Tools

Willie and Kevin take us through the shop, showing us a ton of cool stuff and how it works.

Evolution of the LS engine

Kevin and Willie B. take us through the evolution of the iconic Chevy small block engine over the years, and show how it evolved into today’s LS series.

KOI Cavalcade of Customs

Kevin and Willie B. hit the road to check out the KOI Cavalcade of Customs car show in Cincinnati, OH

Under the Knife

Bryan finally gets to fulfill his dream of chopping the top on his 33.

Challenging Exhaust

Kevin and Bryan install a new exhaust kit on a new Challenger and then start work on Bryans 33 getting it ready for a chop.

Sam’s New Cummins

Sam Memmolo is back to match wits with Kevin about the new 6.7 diesel Cummins.