Full Episodes

Stylin’ Stang

Want to supercharge your Mustang? Kevin and Willie take a look at the new offering from Pro Charger.

Geared Up

Increasing the tire size on your lifted truck might give you better gas mileage, but you end up losing performance. Kevin and Willie show you how gears and tire sizes relate and how to get your power back to the ground.

Get Dirty with Kenny

The guys get invited to take part in some dirt track racing with Kenny Shrader. No better way to learn more about your suspension and ride than to push a car to its limits with the help from Moog Steering and Suspension.

High Mileage Reboot

Kevin and Willie bring a high mileage Pathfinder back to life with a complete suspension and brake system swap and a new fuel system.

Got Spark?

A 1966 Impala is in the shop for a much needed upgrade to the original ignition system.

V6 Camaro Performance

The 5th gen V6 Camaro today will outperform the previous generation V8; it gets great gas mileage and 323 HP compared to 275 of the previous LT1. Things have come a long way, but they can get better.

It’s the Plasma

With new welding tools in the shop, the guys go in depth on the benefits of a plasma cutter and offer some great basic TIG welding techniques.

ABS Tech

While doing some maintenance on a 200k mile, vehicle the guys tear apart an ABS system and do a complete cleaning and rebuild of the upper and lower intake.


With a ‘08 EVO in the shop, the guys upgrade the cooling and show us what’s happening with that extra turbo pressure.

Straighten Up

Kevin and Willie do what they can to correct the frame geometry of a ‘32 Ford while installing a new front-end assembly.


Kevin hits the road to WeatherTech to find out what it takes to proudly display “Made in America.”

Pony Parts

Fresh out of the paint shop, the guys install a whole new suspension and show off great new accessories for a 1969 Mustang.