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Kevin Byrd, Willie B and Bruno Massel soaked up the sun and fun at the 2012 AAPEX SEMA Show in Vegas this year, while checking out the newest innovations. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode # 1118 – Artic Cat

Kevin and Willie B put some personal touches on a Wildcat UTV. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode # 1117 – Willie’s Road Runner

Willie brings a Mopar out of the stable to get a much needed suspension upgrade and the tranny. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode # 1116 – Twin Turbo Tuning

Willie and Kevin pull out all of the power on a modified C6 vette. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode # 1115 – Time For A Change

Willie and Kevin go through the steps it takes to make sure a car you are sending off with your child to college is reliable for years to come. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage #1114 – I Don’t Drive What I Can’t Hear

Racing Legend Don Garlitts drops by the studio to get some help doing some upgrades to his Chrysler 300. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode # 1113 – Grudge Runs

Willie takes a trip to ATS Diesel and Lincoln College of Technology after a diesel truck goes mid 10’s in a grudge run to see how they can put out so much power. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode #1112 – Marine Corp Vette Part 2

Marine veteran John Hayes get the ride of a lifetime in his new C-6 Turbo-charged vette. Multiple automotive aftermarket manufacturers teamed up with Two Guys Garage to transform his 2009 Corvette into a Marine Dream Corvette. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode #1111 – Marine Corp Vette Part 1

Willie and Kevin had some BIG surprises for an American Hero – starting with a new twin turbo system! Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode #1110 – Impressive Subaru Power

WRX STI gets unleashed with some track inspired upgrades. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode #1109 – Body Fab

Kevin gives us a great lesson on body fab while fixing a rolled area of a fender. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode # 1108 – A Turn For The Better

Willie and Kevin completely overhaul the steering system of a Chevelle. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode #1107 – Crank It Over

The guys bring new life to a Model A by getting the electric starter back into working order with a new ring gear. Watch Video


Check out how Kevin got those bends…

Check out how Kevin got those bends… Read More


Two Guys Garage Episode # 1106 – G-OIL Racing

Kevin takes us behind the scenes of a top NASCAR engine builder and follows the #19 G-OIL Toyota Camry NASCAR Nationwide Series car through the post-race and engine tear-down process. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode # 1105 – Rear Ends

The guys take us through the Dana and Ford rear ends, showing which would be right for your application. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode # 1104 – Cool Tools

Willie and Kevin take us through the shop, showing us some cool stuff and how it works. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode # 1103 – Evolution of the LS Engine

Kevin and Willie B. take us through the evolution of the iconic Chevy small block engine over the years, and show how it evolved into today’s LS series. Watch Video


Two Guys Garage Episode # 1102 – Engine Stand Fabrication

Kevin and Willie fabricate a new engine stand for the shop. Watch Video

Two Guys Garage Episode #1101

Two Guys Garage Episode #1101 – KOI Cavalcade of Customs

Kevin and Willie B hit the road to check out the KOI Auto Parts Training Expo and Car Show in Cincinnati, OH. Watch Video