Archives: Season 08

TGG 818 – Under the Knife

Bryan finally gets to fulfill his dream of chopping the top on his 33. Watch Video

TGG 817 – Challenging Exhaust

Kevin and Bryan install a new exhaust kit on a new Challenger and then start work on Bryans 33 getting it ready for a chop. Watch Video

TGG 816 – Sam’s New Cummins

Sam Memmolo is back to match wits with Kevin about the new 6.7 diesel Cummins. Watch Video

TGG 815 – The Fueller

Bryan rips apart a brand new Buelle to give it the Fuller touch. Watch Video

TGG 814 – Killer Fuel Injection

The 61 Impala is back in the garage for a killer fuel injection and some body work. Watch Video

TGG 813 – Wiring Demons

The 67 Camaro’s wiring issues get cleaned up. Watch Video

TGG 812 – Factory Five Tour

Ride along with Kevin Byrd as he takes a pilgrimage to Plymouth with some of his Factory Five friends. Watch Video

TGG 811 – Transmission Components

Bryan and Kevin marry an engine transmission and work on patch panels for the Nova project. Watch Video

TGG 810 – Maintenance Show

Bryan and Kevin put a stop to the shakes on a 2006 Nissan. Also find out what happened when a graffiti artist put his mark on our garage. Watch Video

TGG 809 – No Smoking

Bryan tightens the bumper on a 1969 Chevy Van and Kevin lights a fire with the wrong gauge wire. Watch Video

TGG 808 – Nova Project

Bryan does some welding on a 66 Nova while Kevin takes a trip to the dyno to dial in the new EFI system for the small block engine. Watch Video

TGG 807 – Carb Re-Build

Kevin and Bryan continue re-building our 67 Camaro by rebuilding the quadra-jet carburetor. Watch Video

TGG 806 – Roadster Frame

Byrd and Fuller show you how to build a 30’s Roadster frame from scratch. Watch Video

TGG 805 – Café Racer

Fuller introduces his ’77 CB550 motorcycle project. Byrd handles the electronics as Fuller custom builds the exhaust. Watch Video

TGG 804 – Monster Muscle

Any muscle car could use more juice off-the-line, So Bryan and Byrd add an Overdrive transmission to a 1972 Chevelle. Watch Video

TGG 803 – Super Wiring

Find out what goes in to the electrical wiring on a new age Super Car. Not as much as you might think. Watch Video

TGG 802 – Paint Shop Lab

Sam goes inside the Paint Lab with Dupli-Color to find out what it takes to create a new kind of paint from start to finish. Watch Video

TGG 801 – Surf City Garage

Fuller dreams of a life in Surf City, California and finds a garage of Dream Cars along the way. Watch Video